Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hazardous Davis' Latest Protest Photos

Hazardous Davis observes the action in the centre of London...

Well, what a day. It began with some discounted train-fare, at 08.54, and feeling a little blurry eyed, I tried to visualize what exactly would happen in the next 8 or so hours. Truth be told, I had no idea what to expect.
Upon arriving at Waterloo, and with one swift-Jason Bourne manoeuvre later, I was making my way to Moorgate station to try and see the beginning of what would become the 'G20 Meltdown'.
Already walking along the bank of the Thames started to hurt my feet and with the crystalline skies not stopping any of the suns intensity, my Jeremy Beadle was fast approaching.
Upon arriving at Moorgate, I bump into an old friend and we catch up on various details and possible aspects of the day to come. No sign of life at Moorgate, so we make our way to the Bank of England, joined by Russell Brand with his bunch of dickhead clique members, pushing everyone in his path clear out of the way accompanied by cries from the director of the day; 'This way Russell. Look here Russell.' Puppets, honestly.
The Bank was filling slowly. As we arrived there was probably 2000 or so people dotted around. Lots of rad banners and pieces of info flying around.
Just before midday something happened, of which I can't really write about. But it was quite funny.
Gradually I worked my way towards to bank to observe what was going on; windows were getting smashed and a few people were getting inside, good effort!
Then after about 30 mins of smashing, the old billies steamed in, in full riot gear, shields, spring loaded batons, the lot. Gradually they were trying to push everyone back from the RBS bank, down the narrow street behind me.
It started to get hectic down on the front lines, and that's when (as you've probably already seen) the guy on the front got his head split open by one of those spring-loaded fuckers.
I have never seen so much intent to do harm in anyone's face, let alone the visages of 'public servants'. Quite disgusting if you ask me.

Pieces of chalk were being handed out, which was a great idea, and people got to write their opinions on any surface in vicinity.
Music was being blared out for the entire time, anywhere in excess of 10m from the source meant all you could hear was sheer bass. Quite nice to have a little rave up in the country's financial capital.
The old billies then proceeded to trap everyone in.
I didn't stay past 4 o'clock, but come evening time, the molotovs came out, and i'm a little gutted I missed that spectacle.
The photos below document the day in a reasonably accurate chronological fashion, so start at the bottom for the beginning of the day and scroll your way upwards!

Some say 1984 was just a novel...

The eyes in the sky

'Look at the size of YOOOU!'

What would your mother say?


The Kevlar Nazis assuming the position.

The copper in the middle with his mouth open? One of the MOST possessed-looking animals I have ever seen in my life.

Take off your padding fat-boy.


The infamous 'Anarchist Wheelie-Bin Sound Systim'

The Fatty F.I.T.

Enough vans?

'Banking on Bloodshed.'

It's true. <3

People will stop robbing banks when banks stop robbing people!'


These people made my day, Cheers Guys!

'Thank You Thatcher, you evil devil BITCH!'


'Housing is a right!'


'R.I.P. Canary Wharf'

'Democracy is an illusion'

'Where's our democracy?'

'...But you may call me 'V'


'Hang the Wankers!'

Caught amongst the carnage


'F.U.C.K. T.H.E. F.I.T.'


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